Yom Kippur 5777/2017

Experience Yom Kippur in Amsterdam!

  • Yom Kippur at Bendigamos! We are expecting a very special, accessible and inspiring service. There will be a lot of singing, we will facilitate a special room for the children and after Kipoer we will have a meal together. Participation is completely free of charge, but donations are very welcome, especially because of the unique prayer books we will use.

    Thank you for letting us know you will be attending the serie in advance. This enabled us to make sure we have enough chairs and books during the service, and plenty of food after Yom Kippur. We would like to ask you a few questions to make sure we have enough information to provide this, if you have questions regarding this form or anything else please send an email to info@bendigamos.org.

    Application form

    Which parts of the service will you be attending? (multiple answers possible)
    Friday September 29 19.00-22.00h - Kal NidreShabbat September 30 09:30-13:30h - Shacharit/ParsheShabbat September 30 13:30-18:30h - Musaf/MinchaShabbat September 30 18:30-20:30h - Derasha/Nengiela/Ngarbiet

    Bendigamos has created special prayer books so the service is more accessible for everyone. We made two versions: Hebrew with Dutch translation and phonetic with Dutch translation. A prayer book costs around €25 and you can order one for yourself! This means that they will be ready for you on Yom Kippur and you can take them home afterwards. If you want this, could you let us know how much prayer books you want and which one?

    I would like these order these prayer books for €25 per book